What is Elegance HCG Oral?

Elegance HCG Oral can be described as a ‘hormone-free HCG weight loss cure’. The Elegance HCG Oral solution is created by means of advanced computer equipment (the newest development in the field of preventive medicine) and is a unique combination of bio-energetic powerful HCG converted into L-Carnitine, supported by chromium (contributes to a more stable blood glucose level) and selenium (for various detoxification reactions).

It is NOT a medicine and it’s completely safe. Elegance HCG Oral do not contain any hormones, but ultramolecular frequencies.

How does the Elegance HCG diet work?

During 23 days you use the Elegance HCG Oral on a daily basis and follow the added diet. The diet is strict and would not be doable without the HCG vials. However, the HCG vials restrain the hunger and make sure you feel well enough and have enough energy.

The Elegance HCG Oral solution makes sure the so-called structural fat; fat that is inside the muscles and protects your organs doesn’t disappear. At the same time this ensures the mobile fat (on the hips, belly, bottom, etc) to disappear.

What does HCG actually do?

By adding very small amounts of HCG, hunger is reduced and fat burning is activated, by influencing the hypothalamus. This way, one can follow a strict diet without problems; daily activities can be continued without feeling weak or tired. On the contrary: HCG offers extra energy whereby one feels better and more active. In combination with a fat- and almost starch-free 500 calorie diet this ensures weight loss without feeling hungry.

The difference between the classic HCG weight loss cure and Elegance HCG Oral

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadtropin) is a hormone that is found in the blood of men and women. For men, among other things, it helps descend the testicles at a young age. For women, this hormone is produced during the first 5 months of the pregnancy. HCG is partially responsible for the mother and child remaining in optimal condition.

Besides that, HCG is derived from the urine of pregnant women to help women who have difficulties getting pregnant. Because of this and because HCG is a hormone, the classic HCG weight loss cure is pretty controversial and the question rises whether it is ethically responsible to use the HCG hormone to lose weight.

HCG Oral is hormone-free

Therefore, Elegance HCG Oral has been developed.

Elegance HCG Oral uses the same principal as the classic HCG diet, only without the actual hormone. By using advanced computer-steered equipment the characterizations of HCG are copied. Because of this, it works the same but without the hormones!

NO injections

Another advantage of Elegance HCG Oral is that it doesn’t need to be injected like the classic HCG hormones. The Elegance HCG Oral diet consists of small, daily ampoules of fluid you simply take-in.

HCG Oral is not a medicine and can therefore be purchased without a prescription!

For whom is the Elegance HCG Oral diet meant for?

The Elegance HCG Oral diet is meant for anyone who has trouble losing weight on their own. Elegance HCG Oral helps you get rid of those winter pounds, to make you feel comfortable in your own skin again by helping you lose weight in those difficult places. But besides that, Elegance HCG Oral is also very suitable to lose weight in a responsible way and prevent the yo-yo effect.

You can follow the Elegance HCG Oral diet if your BMI-value isn’t lower than 20. You can calculate this by dividing your weight (in kilograms) through your length (in meters) squared:

Recommendable for anyone who seriously wants to lose weight, even if a lot of attempts have been made