Construction of the HCG diet

The Elegance HCG Oral diet helps to lose weight and improve health in a responsible way. The Elegance HCG Oral solution makes sure hunger disappears and stimulates the burning of mobile fat, the fat that is stored around the hips, thighs, belly, bottom, upper arms, but leaves the structural fat, the fat that is inside the muscles, offering protection to the organs, untainted. That way, the excessive fat disappears even faster and the – for many people- typical problem zones are handled even more efficiently.

The Elegance HCG Oral diet consists of 2 important phases: The HCG diet and the Stabilization period.

The HCG diet

During 23 days you take in a daily ampoule of HCG Oral solution and follow the added fat-free and low-carbohydrate 500 calorie diet. The HCG Oral solution makes sure the diet is easy to maintain and that you have enough energy for your daily life. The added vitamin B12 increases this effect even extra.

With every HCG Oral cure you receive an extensive enclosure and a tasteful diet advice.

The stabilization period

As Dr. Simeons pointed out in his book Pounds and Inches, after the HCG diet it takes about 3 weeks for your new weight to stabilize.

During these three weeks which we call the stabilization period, it’s very important to follow the guidelines for low-carbohydrate nutrition. This prevents the yo-yo effect from occurring and helps you build up a new, healthy eating pattern.

You will receive a clear explanation about the Stabilization period with every HCG Oral cure.

The HCG oral treatment doesn’t just make sure you lose weight but also provides a more energetic, healthier life after completing the cure, with a healthier food pattern. So in short, it’s not a diet with a short-term vision but real permanent loss of weight!